Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guiding, Unifying Principles

All great institutions and all great organizations have always followed strict adherence to principles that they hold true and expect that their members recognize and practice daily. 

Nations have sworn oaths to their principles, great men used these as the engine that helped them etch their name in history. 

On our 10th year as an organization, we can look back at what we've achieved. See what kind of members we have contributed to society and say that with all our heart, we've done right. 

At this point, it is also proper that we recognize the values that we, collectively had held dearly to have pride in where we come from and optimism to where we are all going. 

I've outlined some values that I think we can all agree we should use as a guide. Not just for the great many things we will do. The professional lives we will and already have. But also in the little things. Our homes, our families, our friends and the stranger next to you. 

In all things, small and great. We exercise and expect this from the people we call brothers and sisters. We exercise this to those who we don't call brothers and sisters so as to show them that in all things, small and great, we value every single person, every single effort and idea. 

Honesty and Integrity
One will not work without the other. You cannot make a thunderous clap with one hand. Nor can you have Integrity and not Honesty. Honesty and integrity takes the internal and external form. One must be honest with himself or herself to be honest with another. The integrity powers the will to do the right thing and always side with the right idea. With Honesty and Integrity, we will achieve many great things and avoid many great disappointments.

Commitment to Honor and Excellence
A great institution have entrusted with us Honor and Excellence before our metal has been truly tested. That great institution is our Alma Mater. Her dedication and commitment to Honor and Excellence is recognized by others who were not blessed enough to be under  wings and even more so by those who have toiled years with her. Honor and Excellence provides for a standard for everything we do, everything we create and do, everything we say and everything we dream for. 

Positive Attitude
Pessimism never created nor has it solved anything. In this ever complex and fast moving world of ours, attitude remains to be the glue that keeps great people together and great individual-together . A positive attitude is a must when faced with problems from a personal level, academic level, organizational level and professional level. A positive attitude also brings that smile that we, as photographers, ask for from most of our subjects - it's just right that we should posses a smile too. A positive attitude is also contagious. If there is something we must spread and share - it is this. 

Respect starts with ones self. Respect is can easily be earned but will never be given to anyone who does not have respect for themselves. By practicing the first principles before this, we can easily earn respect for ourselves. This allows us to give respect then to others. Respect is not limited to age, nor authority nor experience. Respect is warranted in effort, opinion and intention. 

We are where we come from. Our community molds us but it is us that keep the community together. Paying it forward to our community gains dividends in the long term. Investing in our community with deeds, actions, effort and resources allows for a healthy future. This is symbiotic - it's natural. It is unavoidable. Foster a sense of community from the home to the nation and the world. 

Guiding principles are designed to not just be a benefit to the individual but with everyone else that person interacts with. We ought to be examples to our fellowmen. We ought to be the people we can and others aspire to. We ought to instill these in ourselves and maybe one day the difference we make will not just be confined to us, but to many others as well. 

- Jab Buhay