Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What my parents taught me

Let me just throw this out there. I'm not a product of a traditionally complete and happy family. I am however, a product of the events that had lead to my desperation to have a typical family.

It is safe to say that I see my parents, both of my biological ones, as good friends. Intimate friends whom I share secrets with, my deepest thoughts and plans with every so often. Ever since I've transplanted myself from the world that I built for myself in Manila, I've been left with updating my Mom and Dad of how happy I am of certain achievements. I guess, really, I wasn't prepared to see and understand my parents, of who they really are, beyond being the people who bore me onto this world.

I've taken into account that I've shared the blood and sweat that my Dad and my Mom had to endure during those years of misunderstandings and tears. My dad, I've understood from a cerebral stand point and my mother, from a very emotional view.

Typically, my dad is the one who talks a lot. Just like me, he likes to share himself through words and ramblings and one sided conversations. He thinks a lot. Like me, I'm sure, he finds the comfort in walking around Home Depot, not know really what is needed to be bought, but just to be around simple tools that promise improvement, gives that sense of order. Like me I'm sure, my dad enjoys listening to other people talk on the radio while driving and sometimes find himself in a conversation with himself while he's driving the lonely road. Just like me, he finds satisfaction in finding how things work, even though these are useless things or things that really don't affect him personally... He likes the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Military Channel and the like. I like that.

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