Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why we need you Will and Kate - and what I expect from you.

There are two words that I will start with on this post: Royal Hooplah. 

Do not get me wrong, I actually appreciate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I wouldn't want to marry a girl like her and be an actual prince (charming). I've come across quite a few people in real life and on media that have a different stand on the issue. 

Some people despise the royal family. It's existence. Some of my american friends say that America is founded on the idea of denouncing the King and Queen. Fine, that's arguable. But Britain has a different kind of government now from 1776, right? Some Britte say they despise the royal family because they have to pay for the existence of the family. That the royals lavish lifestyle is due to the hard work of society. Ok, arguable. 

Here's my point. Whether it's Will and Kate or any other royal, they have a responsibility to society much like anyone else in the position, or let me go further than that, anyone else in the limelight. 

In a world where people pine after rock stars, hip hop moguls, reality shows from New Jersey, overweight individuals and washed out child stars... In a world where everyone on TV has ''written" a book, has an energy drink, vodka with their name on it, perfume, clothing line, an album, in the movies, shoes and anything that we can consume - I think it is more than ever important to have people like William and Catherine. 

I would gladly pay taxes (each Britt pays a few pounds a year to keep the royal family) to have people like the Royals.

Here's my argument. Pick someone that's in the public eye that act and dress like skanks and meatheads, even the politicians don't help. Now, ask yourself, how many people do you see on TV act properly like how a real Lady and Gentleman should? Probably close to none. 

So there's my point. We are hypocrites by wanting to keep a society where everything we eat, buy, wear, drink and enjoy are making a few people on TV richer and richer. How much have we spent on the products that we bought because we saw someone on TV sell it or because it has their face on it? Every TV show has a product placement or a commercial that accompanies it. It could be dancing with the stars or a basketball game. It doesn't matter. It could be the morning news of the Sunday afternoon gossip parade. We watch em, the guys on TV and the companies that advertise with them make their riches from you and me, regular consumers. 

The world, and most everything consumed in is a product of marketing. From the TV shows you enjoy to the shoes you wear. And you are a sucker for that marketing, had bought into it and you're making someone rich and famous more rich and famous. 

To The Royals - the world is evolving. Children are more exposed to media that throws away values the moment it starts, so it's your job now to be examples to people. No one on TV shows how properly one should act anymore. Will and Kate's responsibility is to be an archetype of how a Gentleman and a Lady should. I pray that in their life in the future that they will be less controversial and be more of an inspiration.